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there are large quantity of fake Coach purses on eBay

there are large quantity of fake Coach purses on eBay

I just started selling some of my Coach purses on eBay because I bought some in a whim, and while they were cute I never wore them. I will still continue to buy Coach purses that I love (its my addiction and I can live with it) and maybe sell them in the future to make room for new styles. I browse sales for Coach purses on eBay, many times looking for handbags I thought about buying previously, waiting too long and losing my opportunity when it was no longer available. I can not believe the large quantity of fake Coach purses on eBay and there are some pretty good fakes. I usually look at the seller's ranking and of course, they have massive wonderful reviews. I wonder could these people be so blind or are they fake reviews. There are so many I believe there must be a ring.

Some of the seller's replies to a person, who took their purse to a Coach and verified it fake are " I have a receipt". Okay people, in a day and age when we use graphic computer animation widely for motion pictures, do you think its impossible to create a receipt or fake Coach tag. The buyer may also buy ONE authentic Coach purse but have 50 fakes of the same style to sell, in case he or she is challenged. I wonder about the eBay process for this because those people are still selling fake Coach purses. I hope they don't only accept a receipt as proof of authenticity. Remember also a person can show a real purse in the add but send you their fake, as I have read of other negative feedback.

I am not a Coach expert or designer or work in their store, but I have been a Coach consumer for almost 30 years and have seen some pretty good fakes. I visited places in NY where there were rooms of fake Coach, MK, Louis Vuitton, etc shoes, purses, you name it. Of course I didn't buy any but I had to see was the counterfeiting so widespread. I have talked to people who have no problems buying fakes without any qualms but I say why not just buy a regular purse that is inexpensive instead of walking around proudly with an obvious fake. To each his own, I guess.

In addition now that Coach's production is in China, remember that 70% of counterfeit goods come from China. They may have access to actual Coach fabrics and materials. You may have an fake that is actually made from a left over or stolen Coach materials made into a similar style.

One sign it could be a fake:

    It's a signature or patchwork - I believe I have seen a large majority of fake signature styles on eBay that are these styles. Someone advertising this as an authentic Coach. A good solid leather is most costly to imitate. This is not to say only signature or patchwork is counterfeit. Coach patchwork designs are a little harder to imitate and unless you take a picture in the stores to make sure the right patches are in the right places, you may assume a mixture of patterns is correct.

I'm not sure why but I have seen many fakes displayed on mannequins and as people have mentioned, I would not buy a purse that only has copied pictures from other websites.

If you are thinking about buying from eBay and don't really know Coach, I suggest going to their website and starting to look at the quality of Coach purses. There are obvious things like stitching, using the wrong thread (its the cheapest) when 90% of the time Coach stitching is well hidden. A few purses do use the stitching as a statement but not most. They are not trying to make the purses look cheap. Stitching is one of the biggest giveaways.

  Notice the real stitching on a true Coach purse, same color thread and very well hidden, this picture is zoomed. On fakes you can see the white thread even if not zoomed in. Notice the same thing on the signature. Can you tell which one is the fake? There are  many things to notice when buying a Coach and I will try to add others as I see them

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