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Replica Gucci Plain Jane bags

Gucci handbags aside, her outfit is not something I would expect form someone with an important bloodline. Her outfit is fine, of course, but it really is as basic as you can get. If that wasnĄŻt a Gucci Soho Satchel on her arm then I probably would have pegged her as a run-of-the-mill college student. What else is more peculiar; she is an ambassador for the Gucci brand and they dress her for many of her events!
I hope that when I decide to have children I look as good pregnant as Olivia does here. Well, that may be a little stretch. She actually looks better pregnant than I do NOT pregnant (and probably weighs less too) so I donĄŻt think IĄŻll hold my breath. At least I can get a Gucci bag to cop her style. Oh wait, IĄŻm not rich either; so now I feel bad about myself!
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